Caroline Pate Polansky has always had a fascination with all things handcrafted.  Self taught, she began making  jewelry in anticipation of her ninth birthday when she was allowed to get her ears pierced, and ever since has had a crafts project in the works. 

After graduating with an English degree, she remained passionate about making jewelry in her spare time.  In 2005, she launched Caroline Pate Jewelry when she began selling her wares at a designer's co-op in New York City.  After moving back to her home state of Tennessee, her business continued to evolve and expand.  She currently resides in Norman, Oklahoma where she works from her in house studio.

Caroline Pate Jewelry is inspired by the profound shapes and beauty of nature.  With precious metals, precious and semi-precious stones, the jewelry is characterized by organic forms and color palettes.  It is never out of place.  Each piece is handcrafted for you by the designer.


Caroline Pate